About us
Powerlogic, founded by Vincent Hsu in 1998, Taiwan, is a professional DC brushless fan manufacturer. We dedicate ourselves to providing the highest quality and best thermal solution for PC, telecom 5G and Automotive market. In 2003 and 2013, Dong Guan Dong Li Dian Zi Co. Ltd. and Parent company, Sun Max Tech Limited, were established respectively. In 2019, Sun Max set up additional manufacturing unit in Jianxi Province, China, to further meet the growing demand of global business.

Now, main manufacturing sites are located in Dong Guan Dong Li Dian Zi Co. Ltd. and Powerlogic (Jiangxi Tai Yi) Co. Ltd. For sales unit, Powerlogic Holdings Inc. (Samoa) and Powerlogic Tech (Tai Yi) Co. Ltd. aims to focus on marketing for our customers in China. For RD and overseas customers (China excluded), Sunny Sharp International Limited Taiwan Branch is the main portal.

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