Corp.Gov. Staff Fringe Benefits

Staff Fringe Benefits

Regarding welfare measures for employees of the Company’s subsidiaries, in addition to National Health Insurance and Labor Insurance provisioned in Labor Standards Act of the Republic of China, employees are also insured with accident insurance and group insurance and are entitled to the following employee welfare measures: perfect attendance bonus, new year bonus, birthday cash gift, year-end bonus, bonus for three major holidays, incentive bonus, performance bonus, monthly birthday parties, year-end banquet, employee wedding cash gift, maternity allowance, funeral allowance, employee domestic (overseas) education grant, hospitalization consolation money for employees and family members,  2-day weekends, maternity leave for male employees, special leave, annual leave, employee retirement allocation, etc., which guarantee employee benefits.

For staff in the Dongguan and Jiangxi Plant, in addition to social pension insurance, hospitalization, outpatient clinic medical insurance, unemployment insurance, industrial injury insurance, and maternity insurance insured by law, there are job promotion and salary raise opportunities every year to timely award employees with outstanding performance. Depending on the company operational performance and employment performance assessments, monthly bonuses and year-end bonuses are distributed. In collaboration with the Welfare Committee, achievement recognition activities are held during major holidays, and annual gatherings are held at the end of the year. The Company promotes proposal improvement activities. If a proposal effectively enhances efficiency or reduces costs, cash prizes are awarded as encouragement.

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