Corp.Gov. Employment Working Environment and Personal Safety

Taiwan offices and R&D units

Access Control Security Management

■ The office building has a 24-hour security and surveillance system.
■ Personnel access control requires an access card.


Equipment Maintenance and Inspection 

■ Inspection and maintenance of high and low voltage electrical equipment, air conditioning equipment and firefighting equipment。
■ According to the provisions of the Fire Protection Law, the qualified Fire Company is entrusted with the maintenance declaration of fire safety equipment every year。 
■ Regular inspections are carried out every year in accordance with the safety inspection rules for dangerous machinery and equipment of Labor Safety Law。
■ Maintain drinking water equipment regularly to ensure safe drinking water。


Disaster Prevention Measures and Response Actions 

■ Cooperate with the management committee of the office building to perform various disaster evacuation and evacuation.。
■ Publicize knowledge on disaster prevention and control from time to time。


Dongguan & Jiangxi Production Base

Occupational Hazard

■ Each year, the company entrusts professional third parties regularly to test the “Factors on Occupational Hazards in the Workplace” and issue test reports.
■ Develop occupational disease emergency plans and conduct pre-planning exercises regularly to reduce hazards in the workplace.

Self-inspection of Safety Production

The self-inspection of the unsafe factors that may be generated by employees in the face of different working environments, processes and operations, and the detection and improvement of potential hazards and effective control
■ Equipment operation: SOP is established for all equipment operation according to the process. The staff can operate according to the SOP after passing the training and issuing the work permits.
■ Machine maintenance: The machine operator needs to maintain the machine daily, and the production department needs to maintain the machine regularly.
■ Job training: Educate and train the employees in the workshop and special positions according to the annual training plan.
■ Precautions: Devices are equipped with protective measures to reduce the chance of occupational injuries.
■ False alarm incident: Improve the site where the environment may cause injury or harm.


Working Environment

■ Fire safety: According to the fire laws and regulations, the factory entrusts a third party to carry out fire inspection each year and pass fire inspection
■ Fire equipment inspection: The security guards should check all firefighting equipment every month and repaired or replaced immediately if the equipment is out of date or out of order.
■ Disaster prevention training: Conduct disaster response and firefighting drill every six months to ensure the safety of working environment.
■ Environmental Testing: Waste water, waste gas and environmental noise are tested regularly every year.

Factory Safety

■ Security guards are stationed and patrolled in the factory 24 hours a day.
■ There is a strict access monitoring system.


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