Corp.Gov. Member of the Board of Directors
Title Name Nationality or place of registration Major (academic degree) experience
Representative: HSU Wen-Faung R.O.C. Department of Civil Engineering,TamkangUniversity
Engineer of CTCI Advanced Systems Inc.
Director of HefengConstruction Co., Ltd.
Director of HefengConstruction Co., Ltd.
Director LAI, Jen-Chung R.O.C. Taipei Municipal ChenggongHigh School
Sales Manager of HefengConstruction Co., Ltd.
Supervisor of Power Logic Tech. Inc.
Chairman, KandleeTrading Co., Ltd.
Division Manager of CviLuxCorporation
Director LUXURY SHINE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Samoa. National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology-Institute of Finance
Manufacturing Department Manager of Shenzhen plant of Asia Vital Components Co., Ltd.
National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology
Lecturer at Fintech and Innovation Management Center
Representative: Chang,Yuan-Fen R.O.C. Shih Chien College of Home Economics
Independent director CHEN, Tien-Szu R.O.C. Department of Electronics Engineering, NCTU
Cameo Communications, Inc.
Independent director CHIU, Shih-Fang R.O.C. Department of Law, National Chung HsingUniversity
Attorney of PwC Legal
Managing Attorney of De Kai Law Firm
Independent director HSIEH, Yu-Tien R.O.C. Master’s Program of Business Management, Chinese Culture University
Assistant Officer of the Administration Office of the Bank of Communications
Assistant Vice President of JienHung International Securities and Investment Consulting Co., Ltd.
Lecturer of Department of Business Administration of Shih ChienUniversity
Independent director GUAN, JYH-LIANG R.O.C.
Ph.D of Business Administration, National Chengchi University, Taiwan
CEO, EMBA Program, National Ilan University, Taiwan
Director, Department of Applied Economics and Management, National Ilan University, Taiwan
Dean of Student Affairs, Kainan University, Taiwan
Consultant, Wolf Fossa Innovation Incubation Center, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan
Consultant, Brand Innovation Service

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