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Dividend Policies

After the board reached and passed the resolution at the shareholders' meeting, cash dividends are distributed to shareholders according to their shareholding ratios. Dividend may be distributed to the Company’s shareholders in cash dividends or share dividends. The Company shall reserve a makeup amount before distributing employee and director remunerations. According to legal regulation of The Cayman Islands, TAIEX l and OTC listing regulation and Article 129 of Corporate Charter, the board resolution reached with more than two thirds attendance and the consent of more than half the attending directors, employee and director remunerations may be distributed in cash and/or shares. The board resolution on the above-mentioned distribution of employee and director remunerations shall be reported to shareholders at the shareholders’ meeting after the board passed the resolution. The Company shall not pay interest on undistributed dividends. Except restricted by public company related laws, the earnings, if any, after closing account every year, the Board of Directors should propose earning distribution plan to shareholders’ meeting as method and priority below,

(a)Payment of tax and duty;

(b)Make up for cumulative losses for the previous year (if any): (

c)According to TAIEX and OTC listing regulations, 10% is distributed as statutory surplus reserves except when said reserve reaches the Company’s paid-up capital. (d)According to TAIEX and OTC listing regulations or the competent authority request distribution of special surplus reserve; and

(e)According to the surplus for the current year, the amounts from Item (a) to Item (d) shall be dedicated, and the cumulative undistributed surplus for the previous period is provided for surplus distribution. The Distributable surplus shall be distributed after the board proposal of a dividend distribution case and submission to the shareholders’ meeting to be resolved according to TAIEX and OTC listing regulations. The Company may release dividends in cash and/or stock, and the amount of dividend for release shall not fall below the net earnings of the year of the appropriation specified in (a) to (d) if there is no contradiction to the law of the Cayman Islands. In addition, the amount of cash dividend shall not fall below 10% and up to 100% of the total dividend payable to the shareholders.

Article 139 of the Corporate Charter (Provident fund transfer to capital increase) Unless otherwise regulated by TAIEX and OTC listing regulations or the Company Act, the company may resort to Type A Special Resolution or Type B Special resolution.

(a) Any balance to be listed in the company reserve account or other capital provident fund (including capital premium account, capital redemption reserve, surplus, profit and loss account, capital reserve, statutory surplus reserve, and special surplus reserve) shall be transferred to capital increase, whether or not they will be distributed.

(b) The amount resolved for transfer to capital increase shall be distributed to shareholders according to their shareholding ratio. Additionally, on behalf of shareholders, the amount shall be used for the distribution company’s unissued shares, bonds, or other relevant stock portfolios. The company shares or bonds or other portfolio shall be distributed to shareholders (or designated persons) according to the aforementioned ratios.

(c) Make any arrangements deemed appropriate to resolve problems encountered during provident fund transfer to capital increase, especially but not limited to when shares or corporate bonds distributed are distorted shares. The board reserves the right to dispose distorted shares or corporate bonds by means deemed appropriate; and

(d) Will take all necessary stands to execute provisions in this article. Article 139A of the Corporate Charter: To avoid disputes, new shares issued for distributing employee and board remunerations in accordance with Article 129 does not require the acquisition of Class A Special Resolution or Class B Special Resolution

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