ESG Corporate Social Responsibility

Sun Max Tech Group's corporate social responsibility promise 

■ Our Company undertakes corporate social responsibility and pursues sustainable operations.
■ Be responsible for all stakeholders
■ Our company continues to streamline the working process to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of our employees, enabling them to spend more time with their family.
■ Contribution to social welfare activities.
■ Maintain the balance of nature.


Implementing corporate governance

The Company has established a "Code of Practice of Corporate Social Responsibility" to fulfill our corporate social obligations. Sun Max execute and meet the specifications of the code of practice.


Develop sustainable environment

The Company continuously improves our production process and working environment based on energy conservation and carbon reduction principles.
Establish outstanding self-management to prevent occupational accidents.
The leftover plastic materials from production processes and other faulty products or leftover materials from other production processes are all recycled by legally registered cleaning companies.
The Company is ISO9001-certified. Appropriate environmental management system has been established based on the Company's industry characteristics.


Maintain social welfare

The Company adheres to labor laws. Employees' legal rights are guaranteed, and appropriate management system has been established.
The Company maintains excellent communication channels with customers, and provide transparent and effective customer service procedures regarding our products and services. Sun Max require our suppliers to provide proof of non-toxicity of the materials


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